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Bella Ciao

Size : 173 ; 134-94-124

Ash tree woodcore, oak sidewalls.

Classic camber, Classic tip, low profile tail.


Classic shape, powder oriented or crazy surfboard shape. If you want to discover the different prototypes I have been working on, please click the following link.

Read more about the materials and how the Lunik skis and snowboards are made…

Lunik skis and snowboards are entirely handmade in my workshop.

I make boards that are as environment friendly as possible. The core, the top-sheet and the sidewalls are made of wood. I am using only biological flax fibers and all of these are pressed with bio-based epoxy resin. Only the base is made of plastic (Ptex IS7500) and the edges are of steel.


The core of the ski is entirely made of wood. I am using ash tree from European forests certified PEFC/FCS. Ash tree is super solid and very flexible. It is almost unbreakable. The core is totally handmade in my workshop, from cutting wood strips to thickening the core.


The top-sheet is made of wood veneer. The sheets of veneer are coming from local companies. I am using only European wood species.

Flax fibers

After many prototypes, I decided to use only flax fiber. It is biologically grown in Europe. It is the perfect compromise between the high flexibility of glass fibers and the stiffness of the carbon fibers.


Instead of ABS plastic, I am using oak sidewalls. Oak is well known for its solidity. Furthermore, it is waterproof and flexible like the ABS plastic which is commonly used is the ski industry.

Epoxy resin

I am using Sei whale  bio-based epoxy system. This resin has been developed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by replacing some of the petroleum-based components with bio-based renewable materials.

Photos by Johanna Vanamo

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