Bella Ciao with classic oak finish
Bella Ciao with birdseye maple finish and a special pyrography handmade by Lila Mystic Woods

Bella Ciao 173 is an all-mountain ski, ready to give you the best of feelings on-pistes and off-pistes as well.

Ash tree woodcore, oak sidewalls.

Size : 173 ; 134-94-124

Classic camber, to make the ski easy to use in every snow condition.

Classic tip, low profile tail.

At the moment you can choose between two different finishes, the classic wood or the laser engraving

  • Classic: you can choose between birdseye maple, oak or sapeli veneer for the top sheet.

  • Laser engraving: you can personalise your skis with an image of your choice (black and white, 15 x 15 cm max). Available for all top sheets.

Here are examples of laser engraving finishes

Photos by Johanna Vanamo

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